Me, Myself and I

Soon I will retire. I’m getting ready.

Ten years ago I realized that I had nothing to keep me busy once I retire. So, I sat down with a pad and pen, poured myself a glass of wine and did some serious soul searching.
I asked myself; what do I like to do?
My first passion would be; I love to cook! It’s all very well, but I can’t spend my life eating – unfortunately.
I had just started to learn photography. A newly discovered hobby which was rapidly growing into a passion.
Years before I had already determined that I wanted to travel during my retirement.
So far so good; I’ve got three choices. Let’s add a fourth.
Back then, travel writing was just starting to blossom and becoming popular very quickly. I found it sounded glamorous: travel, cooking (eating), food porn (photography) and to top it off, writing about it. I could just see myself, sitting on a park bench pouring my ideas onto virgin white paper.
That’s it! A combination of all my passions, that’s what I’ll do. Foodography!
So I decided to write a second blog to share my experiences with you. Whether it be for the traveler in you or the glutton or just for a quiet read while you soak up the afternoon sun, I think you’ll find a little something of interest between the lines of these pages.
I hope to grab your attention long enough for you to dream about faraway lands, delicious foods and pictures that will captivate you and make you want to wander far far away. Enjoy.

JMSK…. Being blown by the wind.

I would like to say that all opinions expressed on this blog are only my own. I own all copyrights to all pictures posted on this blog, permission must be requested before copying. 

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