mercredi 16 mars 2016

Snow was announced for March 2nd, 2016.

The weather man announced snow.
SNOW! It was as if someone had poured a pot of melted marshmallows all over the city. Everything was covered.
Even a Yeti could have walked around unnoticed for two days straight.
It must have been soon after lunch when I decided to go for a walk. It was still lightly snowing, but only small flakes were falling from the sky. It was like looking through a lace pattern.
Once the storm subsided and the wind died down it was so beautiful outside. It was a storm like when I was a kid, tons and tons of it. Schools were closed, roads were closed, traffic almost came to a halt, and the Island of Orleans was not accessible for a short while.
I’m sure some people are still looking for their cars buried in the snow banks even though it has been five days. It took the cleaning crew at least 72 hours clear away and dump all that white stuff. There are mountains and mountains of it piled up all over the city just waiting for the sun to come out and melt it away.
I wasn’t the only one walking around; mothers were out pulling sleds, dog owners were walking their pets, and something I hadn’t seen for a long time, were kids playing in the snow.
As I walked around town with my camera, I could tell the neighborhood was coming back to life. I could hear plows in the nearby streets. People were out shoveling their walkways, their driveways, the sidewalks, and even their roofs. Several people were pushing cars which didn’t even belong to them; they were just being neighborly as they roamed the streets.
After walking around for about an hour, I decided to head home. As I walked with my back facing west, all of a sudden, I was submerged in a golden light. The sun had cut through the clouds just as the snow had stopped falling. I had this overwhelming feeling of having been in darkness for so long and all of a sudden I knew spring was just around the corner.

Red Firetrucks.