samedi 18 juin 2016

Om Prama!

Sylvie, a friend of mine has stopped off at my place for a couple weeks. 

This week she suggested we try a 100% Vegan restaurant.

Me, not been a Vegan  did not know where the Vegan Restaurants in Quebec City were. I was pretty sure there were some, I just didn't know where. 

Whooray for Social Networking! 

It didn't take too long to receive 4-5 suggestions from my Facebook Vegan Site, Vegan Ville de Québec . We stopped our choice on Om Prana 100% Vegan. 

So, once again, I'm NOT Vegan. I have nothing against trying to eat healthier than what I actually do, but I wasn't really into lettuce and cucumber as a meal. 

But Sylvie's a longtime friend, so I couldn't say no.

Off we went. Om Prana is situated in the older, what used to be the middle class industrial part of lower town. Rebaptised Nouvo Saint-Roch since they started revamping the neighbourhood over 10 years ago, it is now a very much IN part of Quebec City. 
Walk along St. Joseph street and you will find all kinds of little shops, café's, thrift shops and more. 

Om Prana is a cute little bistro which not only offers a menu but also a good choice of Vegetarian and Vegan grocery products and takeout. They also have some Vegan documentation for purchase or you can read up on the latest Vegan ways of life while you eat.

I can't say that they have a very extensive menu but several choices are offered.
Just to be different we both took the Vegan burger with a side order of salad. 

Well, I was pleasently surprised, the meal was really very good. 

This burger had nothing to envy any beef burger proud enough to carry that name. It was at least 4 inches high. The patty was a mix of corn, sunflower seeds, soya or chick pea beans with all the trimmings. 
As you see the side salad was a good size also. Several salad dressings were offered, again to be different, we both took the asian dressing. 

We left the table with our bellies full.

How was my first Vegan experience? 

Very good.

Was the food good? 

Absolutely, 100%. Service also.

Would I recommend this place to friends? 

100% Yes.

Will I go back? 

I'm not Vegan, it wouldn't be my first choice for a restaurant meal, but Yes I will return.

All in all, this was a very nice discovery. 

Congratulations to all who work to make this place a better world, one Bean Sprout at a time. 



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