dimanche 21 février 2016

Cat Café - Café Félin Ma Langue aux Chats

I've always wanted to go to a Cat Café.

I imagined it been nice and bright with colorful paintings from local artists hanging on the walls.

I imagined it been sort of quiet with music in the back ground, nothing that drowns out the conversation.

I imagined the cats walking around or sleeping in a corner. The more curious ones would come and greet me as I walked in. They would snif at my heels or hop on my table to take a peek at what I was drinking.

I imagined the friendlier cats hoping onto my lap, lying down and falling asleep in the warmth of my lap.

Well today I went to my first Cat Café - Café Félin Ma Langue Aux Chat, A relatively new concept in Québec City. This café is situated on St-Paul street in the Old Port district.  In this café I think there are 6 cats but I only saw 4. As I left I spotted 2 others asleep, one on a window sill and the second in a cat cradle mid way between ceiling and floor.

This Cat Café did not meet my expectations at all. That's not a bad thing, I just have too much imagination.

First impression.... Very popular place. All tables were occupied. Second impression, Shit! It was warm in there.

Afirst time thing for me when I walked in was; that everyone takes off their boots (we are in the middle of winter and the streets are full of slush) So, when in Rome do like the Romans. If I had know I would have worn socks with no holes. Very self conscious about the holes although I knew very well no one was looking at my feet I still curled up my toes the best I could.

I was lucky, there was one table left at the back of the café. Very friendly waitress, I was greeted in less than a minute and my order was taken. I ordered a bowl of coffee and a slice of banana chocolat cake. The cake was served warm which was nice.

So here I am waiting for the cats to come and see me.

Cats ARE independent.

I would say I was there an hour. There are cat toys if someone chose to play with the cats. One guy spend the whole hour doing so to the point that I could almost say, he was hogging the cats to himself.

One cat did jump onto my table but just as a spring board to get into the ledge.

I have to say, I was a bit disapointed with my experience, my fault. I made it up to be much more than it really is. I like the idea of a Cat Café and I will go back, just maybe not on a Sunday afternoon.

All in all it was a nice place, just a bit crowded, just a bit too small for it's vocation, just a bit too warm due to all the people, just a bit..... not what I expected.

On my way out I spotted this one in the window.


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